Company Information

Eunsung Chemical will always do its best to improve living environments and the quality of life for its customers.

Company History



  1. 2019
    • Performed contract with the Public Procurement Service, selected as the best procurement partner for the 7th consecutive year.
    • Designation of Excellent Product by public procurement service: 2019 ~ 2022 (condensation prevention product by internal return technology)
    • Ministry of Science and ICT: Selected for a government project to develop new technology for fine dust management at “Energy and Environment-oriented Schools” (5-year project).
    • Acquired Ministry of Environment’s “Green Technology” certification, “Green Technology Product” certification (condensation prevention technology in the winter season).
  2. 2017
    • Successfully executed the Korea Land and Housing Corporation contract with an option to purchase for the government (internal return-type condensation prevention technology).
    • Selected as the developer for a KRW 1.2 billion fabric (screen capable of filtering fine dust) development project commissioned by the Ministry of Environment (in cooperation with the Chungnam National University, Kyunghee University).
  3. 2016
    • Won the “Professional Entrepreneur Award” from the Korean government.
    • Explored potential exporting opportunities in Vietnam, China (Beijing and Shenyang) via export fairs hosted by the GSBC (signed MOU to export products in July 2016, and began exporting activities).
  4. 2015
    • Won the “Proud Entrepreneur Award” from the GSBC.
    • Signed an MOU for technology transfer to Yadu Corporation (state-owned enterprise in China) for products installed on the floor and in the ceiling.
    • Contract with the Korea Land and Housing Corporation with an option to purchase for the Ministry: Internal return-type product (condensation prevention technology in the winter season).
    • Registered as a small and medium venture enterprise.
  5. 2014
    • Exported ventilation system products to Japan (USD 300,000).
    • Eunsung Chemical products designated as green technology certified products by the Ministry of Environment.
    • Eunsung Chemical products registered as Excellent Products by Public Procurement Service.
  6. 2012
    • Won the Commissioner’s Award from the Public Procurement Service (for technical innovation).
  7. 2011
    • Signed partnership agreement with Mitsubishi to develop localized total heat exchange elements (exclusive delivery to LG Electronics).
  8. 2010
    • Registered as a vendor for the Public Procurement Service.
    • Developed the first air filter in Korea, and supplied the product to Coway (exclusive supply).
  9. 2008~2012
    • Supplied ventilator products to Samsung Electronics as part of an OEM contract [Established a subsidiary company - Enersaver Co., Ltd.].
  10. 1991
    • Eunsung Chemical was established as a private business (converted to an incorporated business in 2008).