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Eunsung Chemical will always do its best to improve living environments and the quality of life for its customers.



Welcome to Eunsung Chemical Co., Ltd.!
This is Lee Gyeong-soon, the CEO of Eunsung Chemical Co., Ltd.

Established in 1991, our company has been in business for 30 years, making energy-saving green products based on cutting-edge eco-friendly technology combined with extensive field experience and feedback from our customers. Although we are a small and medium-sized enterprise in size, we pride ourselves in being the best in manufacturing and distributing total heat exchange elements, insulation and soundproofing materials, air filters, energy recovery ventilators.
Currently, most of our products are sold to the public sector, including government institutions (schools, local governments) and public corporations.

As a result of these efforts, our company’s products were designated as excellent product by public procurement service and green technology as outstanding bypass technologyin June 2014. In 2019, our company's new ERV was designated excellent product thanks to condensation prevention technology by internal return during the winter season. This technologywas also certified as a “green technology”, and our company retains its top spot in the industry in terms of nationwide supply performance and customer satisfaction for post-sales service for the seventh consecutive year. Furthermore, in 2019, our company earned KRW 50 billion in sales revenue, and acquired the CCC certification (energy recovery ventilator) for the first time in Korea.

Also, our company remains the only company in Korea to meet the “Healthy Housing Construction Standards” stipulated by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport (Notification No. 2013-612) with our core products (products designated as excellent procurement supply products and certified green products). In 2017, we developed a new type of condensation prevention technology as part of a government-led project with an option to purchase (for the government). Based on the success of the project, the government decided to invest KRW 1.2 billion over a three-year period. Our company is expected to complete the development of a screening net material capable of filtering fine dust by 2020. Once the new product is launched on the market, we expect it to help keep the public much safer from the threat of fine dust.
More recently, in January 2020, our company launched the first condensation prevention productfor the winter season that does not use an electric motor in Korea. This product is available at the shopping mall operated by the Public Procurement Service.

Our company firmly believes that its achievements to date are the result of the trust and support of our customers. And as the CEO of Eunsung Chemical, I would like to express my deepest gratitude on behalf of the entire Eunsung family.
Moving forward, Eunsung Chemical will look to reward its customers with the best products on the market, and deliver post-sales services and filter maintenance services that can keep customers satisfied at all times. We promise to do our best to put ourselves in the shoes of our customers, and provide top-quality products and services to reciprocate their generous support.

Eunsung Chemical Co., Ltd. CEO Kyungsoon Lee

''I can do it! As long as you have passion, your dreams can come true.''
We wish our customers and business partners around the world great success and good health.
Executives and staff at Eunsung Chemical Co., Ltd.